This is the second issue of Silicon Dominion



A simple fact of life is that things never go as planned.
That is the case for this Ezine.
Started with lots of high hopes and ambitious goals I was quickly slapped in the face with a dose of reality.
Everyone that rallied around the idea in the beginning decided that they would rather watch than participate.
So now Silicon Dominion has a staff of one.
Me, Alek Traunic.

This does not dismay me though.
In fact I am a bit relieved.  I am free to express myself however I see fit.
I think I can handle that.

It does mean a change of format.  Sort of.
Originally the intent was to do a print zine that was Wired for the Mid-Atlantic.
Same type of content just focused on a specific region.
It's a really cool concept; we just did not have the money for print.
So it became an ezine.
We got some really great writers lined up.
Had some neat ideas for stories.
A month passed and there were 1 and a half articles ready.
A dinky site
Everyone had seemed to lose interest except for my friends whom kept checking the site and asking, "what the heck are you doing?"

It was time to change.
I took an active control at this point.
I remembered the most important thing I had learned at college.
In my scriptwriting class I had attempted to do a sci-fi story
It was awful
My professor took that chance to give me this piece of knowledge:
You can only create from what you know; anything else is a lie
I was trying to do something beyond myself
It showed

So that is what is to become of Silicon Dominion.
It will become a reflection of me.
I still plan to address topics that interest me
This will be intertwined within a semi-daily journal
My thoughts will be open for you to read
I want to incorporate art into this expression as well
Expect to see plenty of my PhotoShop handiwork

I still would love to have input and submissions from others
Collaboration with other people is part of who I am
So if there is something in you that you would like to see online I'm your man

That is the state of affairs with Silicon Dominion issue 2

-Alek Traunic