On the other side of the planet is a part of my soul.
Dreaming with gray eyes open.  My heart knows only love for her.
My mind can only see an angel, free of imperfection.
I see beyond a mortal shell that has seen it's share of downfall.

She is the love of my life.
Since we met in the grim winter five years ago she has never left me.
Yet we were only together for two weeks.
We both died on the same day.
Together we were reborn on the next.
Lost in the pain of our worlds we tried to escape.
In our hearts we found hope in each other's words.

For a few years we kept in contact.
Sharing our thoughts, dreams, fears, and visions.
During these years we grew.
To fulfill ourselves we had to be apart.
To reflect.
For me that time has passed.
I tracked her down.
In the middle of the night her voice traveled through space to lift me up
We are destined to be part of each other
I have no doubt of that

Sarah I am your muse
And you are mine

Every dream I have seems possible because I know you believe in me
Knowing that I am in your thoughts is everything that I need
Find your answers
And when you are ready
I will be here
Together we will change everything