a color varying from dark purplish brown to dark red

Lust in the afternoon
Unexpected words in the evening
A digital fantasy
Now a distortion of reality
Where do they come from
These elegant dreamers
A blessing to my soul
Or perhaps a curse
My creations the web
You flew too close
Became entangled
Yet I find myself entranced
Who is the prey
Who the hunter
Or is this exchange without loss
Oh what hopes are those?

Fools rush in
Ignore what is practical
Always have
Always will
And besides,
Another Xczara have I found
Names carry power
As does your voice
And these eyes that hold
Words of thought pour from your fingers
I find you
I know you
In a realm that I live in
My home
That is yours
I find the comfort and safety
…of my favorite chair
It's where I am when we speak
And I feel peace with you
Ignorance is bliss
And so I mumble
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