December 26, 1997 
So what up? 
The holiday is over 
What a relief 
I feel great 
Maybe a sugar rush from all the candy 
Who cares 
I'm happy 
Bouncing around 
Bobbing my head to Ned's Atomic Dustbin 
It's new 
Gift certificates rock 
Other new old tunes: 
Murder Inc, Revolting Cocks, New Order, 
Pet Shop Boys, Sonic Youth, Andy Summers. 

Got a great Darth Vader bank 
He talks 
Waves his light saber 
Kick ass 

Got a weird ant farm too 
I have a thing for ants 
Social insects are the best 

Tomorrow I meet Jade 
She is Cera's friend from Japan 
A nice Indian gurl 
I'm sure we will fuck some shit up 

Check out this

web site 
Japanese, gurl, artist 

Don't think I'm going to get the awesome job I wanted 
I would be a pro graphic designer then 
The job of my dreams 
I was all excited 
Totally bummed when I got the bad phone call 
My work is not refined enough 
You know what though 
I don't care 
I'm a great artist, super talented 
I could do corporate stuff 
And I would do an incredible job 
But that's not me anyway 
I create to create 
It's what gives me pleasure 
Sure I'd love to make money doing it 
But it would have to be on my terms 

Hell yeah 
I kick ass 
And if an employer can't see that then it's their loss 

So um if you read this far 
Email me and stuff 
I've been watching my server logs and people are coming to visit 
But I don't get any email 

Take it easy 
Hope you had a great gift day 
-Alek Traunic