What is this?
This is Silicon Dominion
An interactive expression
The culmination of a lifetime of searching for a way to get it all out
Inspired by the "scribe tribe"
A place of art
Images and words bound together as pixels
Emotion captured in a dynamic stasis
Always building
Growing into a past

Originally intended to be a formal publication
Crafted by the hands of many
It now exposes only the soul of one

Who is this?
Silicon Dominion is Alek Traunic
Alek Traunic is electronic
I am Alek Traunic
I am Wade Harrell

For as long as I can remember reality and myself have been odd bedfellows. I often find myself sleeping on the floor. I see a different view of things. I am driven to express it. So as to maybe not feel so alone in my vision.

I call myself an artist. I love to sculpt with pencil and paper. Now with pixel and screen. Yet visual is not enough. I dabble with prose, sound, & motion.

In my digital creation I have assumed another name. Wade is the legal binding name that pays the bills. Alek is the creative soul.

In some alternate dimension where people do not have to worry about the cost of existence and only concern themselves with creating Alek Traunic is a god. He shares my soul.

In the internet information is free. Bits are free. Alek Traunic breaths life into the creations of Wade Harrell.

Silicon Dominion is Alek Traunic
I am Alek Traunic