On god,
God is everywhere
I am god
And so are you

We are all connected
We always have been
Since before you were you
Close your eyes
See a great sphere
It's surface from a distance smooth
As you look closer you can see that it is actually covered with ridges
Over time they appear as ripples on the ocean
Moving to the left then the right
And back again
To the left is life
The right death
This sphere is the energy of all things
Constantly moving
As things live and grow they move left
When they die their energy quickly moves to the right
Then slowly begins the journey back
In the center there is a ring
A place for all things we consider not alive
Rocks, water, air
A place that we must pass through to live
Or to die
From the center as you move left you pass the plants
Then the microbes
The insects
And so forth
Each section growing in self awareness
Each part held together by the previous
Finally there are the humans
In the center the sphere is perfectly smooth
No part having elevation over any other
Perfect harmony in non-life
As complexity increases so does the tactile nature of the orb
Each living thing connected to others
Like veins that form mountain tops
It is the self awareness that pushes the peaks higher
In humans people raise the elevation of all those around them
Their peak on the left side of the sphere is a chaotic swirling mass
Occasionally great spikes, great souls, jut forth
Bringing all those near then to a higher place as well
Sometimes whole sections seem to plateau

This is my vision of what everything is
I can explain everything with this model
In death seeing your life flash before you
Your peak falling back into the sphere
Beginning your journey back to the right side
Past lives are your connection to energies already recycled
Energy that we are all part of
In the sphere nothing is ever created or destroyed
Only transformed
There is the energy that resists the journey
Sometimes needing the energy of the living to keep from crossing over
Yet never having enough to be fully alive
Other times it hides in the valleys between the living
Only a shadow of the former being

In living to improve ourselves we not only raise our own elevation
But those around us feel the improvement as well
No life is lived alone
Every act has an impact on those in our lives
And an impact on the ones in their lives as well
And so on

We strive to increase the size of this sphere
Stretching it to greater and greater lengths