The sea of mindfields dust
Hovering just above the treeline
A cold whisper of a winter yet come past
In fire night sky owl howl
Pompous daisies glistening moonlight
Shaft steel spiked temple
Forest man kneel erratic
Flow face down stacks of cubes piled
Round shape curved time
Bored white flat smooth shiny
Hard under pencil push
Clutter cotton reams woven color
Earth tone favorite under leather black with holes
Basket holder feet and waste
Cover pillow lay so nice
Soft yet dirty calling weary head
Time and noise related digits
Prop haphazard on printing perch
Egg vision eye capture
Safety pin construct placed next trash
Fire bringer half full half empty blue
Home hidden under paper correspondence collected
Unreply money demand
Screw yellow black clear red drivers
Voice wire silver black twisted curls
Chain to people in distance
Across around more in take
Box of film toy breath and saber
Balanced on speaker unplugged
Not on but next but on so better
Naked light for use in daytime lacking
More than one intertwined which one to prefer
Most me some not mine
Reflect another being
Imposed upon for habitat
Taste diverse rows behind
Many now three hundred more
Unfinished racks finished wood grain simulation
See carpet sometimes
Sometimes not enough for pleasurable living
Green feet with not green soles bouncing worn so soon

Preparation time
Observation ending