January 6, 1998 
I just saw the film Titanic
I saw it alone
Like I see most films
At first I was dismayed by this
But now I have a change of heart
It was beautiful
There is only one person in this world I would have wanted to see it with
She is on the other side of the planet
I am her artist
Her dreamer
Our love is irrational
Us being together makes no sense
That is why we are perfect
It was the end of the movie that made it so clear
84 years did not diminish their love
As the camera panned across her photographs
Revealing how the life she had lived was because of him
She was molded into the person he loved
Even though they were not together
The film opened with the woman at a potters wheel
I am Cera's clay
In the five years since I have seen you I have been shaped by your love
Now, forever, I love you

This will be the last entry for SiD4
I have new computer toys
They give me the freedom of space
Issue 5 will be upon us soon
Keep your eyes open
Release your expectations