Talk to me she says
When in her voice she wants me to listen
But thatís ok
I understand
My shoulder yours to rest on

You have touched me
Without ever being near

And I rely on you
A voice in the night
Where I find comfort

Us the strangers
How strange

Those little noises I find so endearing
Weaving our web of inside out
Nothing to hide
Unable to reveal anything

The sun rose this morning
Broke into the sky
A painting on my face
Warmth found in my soul
The night left behind
But never forgotten
Bonds forged in this natural beauty
Tears unshed by...
The strength of your heart
Laying together
Tender caress
My hand to your face
Voice so soft
On your cheek
Wrapped in your feathers
Maybe not so alone

You have become such a friend
Time so brief
Feelings so old
Create you in my mind
Visions from soul
Heart pours out perceptions
For the world to think

Don't give up hope
I am watching out for you
Best I can

Old things past
New lives met
I'll be here as long as you want me
You'll be with me longer
Count on this
Count on us