In the wild
The predator has the greatest threshold for pain
Ability to stalk and kill without hesitation
Ignorant of damage

Us, the human beasts
Amongst our society we play the roles of all animals 
Prey and hunter
Having the capacity to switch amongst the variables
Making choices on environment
Reacting to peers
Becoming the monsters that fit the scene

The human predator feels no pain
Able to ignore the wounds
Proceed with the hunt

You can not break him
Nothing there to work with
Only primal instinct in control

Love him
Stop hurting him
Remove the pain
Erase the need to hunt

Without the pain
The man hunter has no foundation
He will crumble
Into dove like beauty

Then the human return to living
Able to return love
Forgetting contempt
Unaware of past torment
With time
And compassion
All wounds heal

The beasts can tread amongst each other
No need to fear
Or stalk

Don't push me away
When I reach for you
Reach back
Or don't look at all
I've become what you wanted
Now you do not want me at all
Yet you dismiss what I see in your eyes
In your heart
I was needed for an escape
Now you are free
The keys I posses no longer needed
The locks were broken
So I am reduced to only an unwanted distraction;  

I am not overly concerned though
I will be free of you soon enough
I predict then as when you return
Making claims of straightened thoughts
Life in order

You will find me as you are now
Unwilling to touch you or talk to you
Speak only of the other people in my life
Never of you
Or us

Strange to feel as though we are breaking up
We have never been in one piece
Is it possible to break that which does not exist?