bn pisces: bored bored bored
AlekTraunk: you too
AlekTraunk: i feelikeass
bn pisces: why?
AlekTraunk: carolyn wants you to call
AlekTraunk: and that's actually why
AlekTraunk: she was looking for you at 1:30am last night
AlekTraunk: came by
AlekTraunk: hung out
AlekTraunk: until 4 sumthin
AlekTraunk: damn insomniac
bn pisces: sorry dood
I told her I didnt get back till tonight
AlekTraunk: i'm tired as hell
bn pisces: Im sure you are
Im realy very sorry man
AlekTraunk: yeah     she was bored too
AlekTraunk: np
AlekTraunk: i coulda kicked her out
AlekTraunk: i just can't say no
bn pisces: yeah
what was her deal
why was she looking for me?
bn pisces: your too nice sometimes
bn pisces: but Im one to talk really
AlekTraunk: she was awake....   thought you might be too     didn't remember that you would not be there
bn pisces: oh
scary kinda
I get to pay the locksmith 50 bux to get my car started
isnt that cool
I cant wait
bn pisces: ; )
bn pisces: sorry I was such a prick yesterday
AlekTraunk: she's quoted as sayin "you know, someone new to hang out with, it's fun to meet new ppl"
AlekTraunk: i'm sorry you were too ;)
AlekTraunk: dumb ass     heh     glad you got the key thing resolved     guess you never found 'em?
bn pisces: she quoted me cause I think I said that
and no I didnt fidn them but I think I will actually
but I have to get my car moved befor the guy that I think has them in his car gets here
the most expensive spare key ever
bn pisces: or she was quoted as saying that?
AlekTraunk: she said that about you......
AlekTraunk: she's kinda miffed about the whole drama thing
bn pisces: not my fault
not my drama
god I had that term now
AlekTraunk: her attitude is "ok, i liked him, but if he's not interested that's cool, i just want to be friends" she says you guys have a lot in common which is true i guess and figures it would be cool to hang w/ you
AlekTraunk: she also talked about getting an apt and that it would be kewl if you wanted to get one w/ her cuz two ppl could afford a better place
bn pisces: that would rock
I guess we have alot in common
why are girls so stuck on the "in common" thing
I dont want a girl I have alot in common with
I dont want another me
I annoy me
AlekTraunk: um dude     that's exactly what i'm talking about     she does not want you to want her
AlekTraunk: you have alot in common with friends not girlfriends
AlekTraunk: is it concievable to be friends with a girl?
bn pisces: surely
AlekTraunk: that's what she was getting at
AlekTraunk: i think the whole "are we gonna have a relationship?" concept kinda got in the way, guess she wants to clear the air     i dunno     it's very much like i've been told so many times "i like you better as a friend"
bn pisces: yeah
AlekTraunk: "yeah"     ????
bn pisces: sorry
we are slammed right now
and I didnt really no how to respond to taht
I dont thikn I ever eluded to us together
but the again I could be wrong

AlekTraunk: "bn pisces: that would rock
I guess we have alot in common
why are girls so stuck on the "in common" thing
I dont want a girl I have alot in common with
I dont want another me
I annoy me "
AlekTraunk: yeah i think you did
AlekTraunk: "want a girl "     key words
bn pisces: maybe
I dont know
AlekTraunk: well maybe you don't think you did or do     but everyone around you thinks so anyway     she doesn't want to deal with that     but she does think you are a pretty cool person that she would like to get to know and possibly be friends with and i think that's why she was looking for you last night 'cuz that was buggin her
AlekTraunk: sorry i'm dweling on this     it's about the only thing my brain can focus on     those 2 hours this morning
bn pisces: who cares
she knows the deal
she wants to be friends
you got wrapped up in the drama (I hate that word now and I apologize for that)
maybe I did a little at first
but thats cause I flirt with most girls I meet
just who I am
its ok to dwell on it
you guys are friends too
and you like her and are, whether you admit it or not, weary (is that the right word) of how I treat girls
and thats a good thing
you keep me in check I think
Im a dork what more can I say
bn pisces: and I apologize for getting you all wrapped up in that
AlekTraunk: it's cool     yeah i'm weary (i don't think it is the right word but whatever) i just hope you give her a chance     'cuz it occured to me, you really don't have any friends up here (excluding me of course) not any worthwhile or colse anyway so for that fact it might be kinda kewl to have someone you can relate to to hang out with
AlekTraunk: i've done too much thinking
AlekTraunk: i'm saying all the things that should go unsaid
AlekTraunk: i have a habit of ruining all good things by pointing out that they are good
AlekTraunk: ugh
AlekTraunk: i'm never gonna get laid
AlekTraunk: sorry
AlekTraunk: related train of thought
bn pisces: not a problem man
its me remember
AlekTraunk: no     not really     who are you again?     :)
bn pisces: but you know what I think it is
since Ive been told im good looking I have gotten alot more confidence
and girls take notice
its an aura thing maybe
I dont know just an idea
bn pisces: if you go around ayin Im noever going to get laid
it wont happen for sure
bn pisces: the deafeatist thing remember
AlekTraunk: i shoulda fucked around saturday night     i'm fucking kicking myself now
AlekTraunk: no it's not that
AlekTraunk: i KAN talk to 'em and meet 'em and shit
AlekTraunk: i'm just too sympathetic
AlekTraunk: they trust me
AlekTraunk: you don't fuck people you trust
AlekTraunk: how weird a statement is that?
AlekTraunk: how true it is too
bn pisces: well yeah it has some truth to it
AlekTraunk: i need to just be down and dirty
shit i should just fucked carolyn last night     she prolly woulda let me..... and damn that gurl has a nice body     wearing a tiny tank top and short ass fukin shorts
AlekTraunk: need to be more in touch with "asshole" me
bn pisces: lol;yeah
she does have a rockin bod thats for sure
AlekTraunk: have ya seen those legs???     oh my gawd    anyway    i gotta go eat or sumthin so i'll check ya later
AlekTraunk: maybe i'll tell some hottie exec gurl in downtown that she needs to give me head
bn pisces: yeah do that
AlekTraunk: i should prolly get a drink with lots of ice for the reaction     :)
AlekTraunk: bbl
bn pisces: lol
bn pisces: aight dood
AlekTraunk: read that while i'm gone
bn pisces: look its bob on saturday

bn pisces: nice lunhc?
AlekTraunk: not really
bn pisces: oh
damn that sux
AlekTraunk: a bk broiler that i watched them microwave     taste like rubber
bn pisces: yeah
I hate bk
AlekTraunk: and some vagrant was in the store walking around     he had soiled himself and reeked like hell
AlekTraunk: the broiler is not bad if it is actually cooked
bn pisces: oh
well I just like the onion rings
and chicken thingys
AlekTraunk: this was a psudo chicken thingy     fries are pretty good     and a jug of drink is nice
bn pisces: lol
bucket oh drink
AlekTraunk: right up
bn pisces: the broiler is a chicken thingy?
I didntknowthat
bn pisces: I wonder how much a colo quick cam is
bn pisces: color I mean
AlekTraunk: yeah     it's "chicken"
AlekTraunk: about 200
bn pisces: 200 chickens wow
you were hungry
AlekTraunk: dork     LOL
bn pisces: yeah that was bad wasntit
AlekTraunk: this is funny     the link on the bk web site for consumer feedback is a fucking survey
AlekTraunk: at the bottum it says "f you would like to write our Consumer Affairs Department, our mailing address is as follows:" blah, blah blah     w/ a snail mail addy
bn pisces: lol
yeah thats fast food for ya
AlekTraunk: fukers
bn pisces: lets bomb them
AlekTraunk: ok     but which one?
bn pisces: the HQ
bn pisces: margarita is so cute
AlekTraunk: hmmmm     do you think that will stop them?
AlekTraunk: well yes she is     ya need to get some pics of her w/ that cam
bn pisces: the cam isnt on today
its too brite where I am now
AlekTraunk: that's fixable in the software
bn pisces: nope tried fixing that with the brightness and stuff
didnt work
AlekTraunk: hurm     weird
bn pisces: yeah thats what I said
AlekTraunk: did you ever watched barefoot gen     it's a video i have......
AlekTraunk: oh    heh     speakin of....     think ya could get that mail for me     :)?
bn pisces: I will try and get it
I dont know ifIm going to get over there
the guy should be doing my key now
but I dont know if he is
bn pisces: Ill brb
AlekTraunk: oh.....i thought you already had it done......
AlekTraunk: k
bn pisces: nope not yet
bn pisces: just went to make sure my car was still there
AlekTraunk: ahhhh otay
AlekTraunk: i take it is?
bn pisces: yes its still there
or else I would be cussing up a storm
I cannot wait till 8 tonight
bn pisces: I hope Gina calls this week
but I bet she wont
AlekTraunk: ya coming back up here?
bn pisces: yeah
AlekTraunk: i think carolyn wanted to hang tonight if you are interested cuz she has tomorrow off
bn pisces: maybe
yeah I hate this place
I went out with Everyone on friday
I figured out that I would much trather go to a dark ass club dressed in dark ass stuffand sit in a dark ass corner than go to a freaking bar with a bunch of nerds
bn pisces: litenig to dark ass music
AlekTraunk: hurm     i'd like to be able to do either like i used to
bn pisces: yeah?
I dont know maybe its just the ppl I was out with
a bunch of geeks
AlekTraunk: i like geeks sometimes
AlekTraunk: only other geeks can relate to me on my geek level and not glass over when i talk to them
AlekTraunk: i mean ya think i could get in an exciting conversation about dynamic HTML at twisters?
bn pisces: true enough
well see geeks like you and steve and christian lomax and teral and stuff are cool
cause you are more cool than geek
you listen to good music you dont nerd out all the time
and more than that you dont annoy me like some of the mother fuckers here
AlekTraunk: point
AlekTraunk: steve is the type i miss     and bart and the folks you mention
bn pisces: exactly
AlekTraunk: gawd damn that fray site is depresssing
bn pisces: yeah I hvent really looked through it yet
I think I will now
AlekTraunk: dramaqueen
bn pisces: why you say taht?
AlekTraunk: just making fun of the fact that you had not looked but when i said "depressing" you ironically said "i'll go look now"
bn pisces: lol
yeah depressing is cool
AlekTraunk: gofik boi
AlekTraunk: i'm so FUKIN tired
bn pisces: Im sorry man
that sux
put your head down for a little while
: )
bn pisces: yer out of there soon say you feel like ass and go home
AlekTraunk: kant     not here     they really really don't like that     like an agency wide pet peeve
bn pisces: oh really
oh ok
AlekTraunk: kinda sux
bn pisces: yeah     totally
AlekTraunk: ack
bn pisces: lol
bn pisces: scary
k Im going to go eat now
see ya
AlekTraunk: k
AlekTraunk: have fun

bn pisces: hey look Im back now
AlekTraunk: i'm lookin
AlekTraunk: what am i supposed to see?
bn pisces: you cant see it?
damnit man are you blind
AlekTraunk: oh
AlekTraunk: yeah it's the chemo
AlekTraunk: i'm bald now too
AlekTraunk: but ya know what
AlekTraunk: chemo does not make the hair on your ass fall out
AlekTraunk: in fact it's really thick now
AlekTraunk: i didn't wear pants today.... and nobody has noticed
AlekTraunk: i'm gonna die if it get's any hotter
bn pisces: your bald now?? what?
AlekTraunk: i'm bald and naked
AlekTraunk: i have and agressive case of a new form of cancer, it's an evolved athletes foot
AlekTraunk: the first fungus to become cancerous
bn pisces: yay what fun
AlekTraunk: so they started my chemo, and now i'm bald, but i have amazing hair growth from the waist down
AlekTraunk: um    how was your lunch
AlekTraunk: ?
bn pisces: crappy
got into my car got it started
the keys are gone
my knife is gone
the key to my storage place is gone
the key to your and my mail box
which is easily fixable
are gone
AlekTraunk: damn    did you say you thought they were in someone's car?
AlekTraunk: rawkin...    i just noticed the time
whoooo hoooo
bn pisces: yeah I lookled in the car
and I called the cab company I took
and I looked all through Terals house
and I looked everywhere
I just dont understand there are only a couple places they could be
but Im betting that someone saw the knife and liked it and said fuck whoevers keys they are
fuck fuck fuck fuck
AlekTraunk: good possibility    or they are some place really fucking dumb, or some nimrod there picked 'em up to look at the knife and put 'em some place else     sumthin like dat
AlekTraunk: but you are kewl now
bn pisces: well basically I went to mags left there moved my car and they dissappeared sometime between friday night and sat morning
so if ou go to sleep tonight befor I get there leave the key outside and Ill make one this week
AlekTraunk: hmmmm    ok
bn pisces: under the carpet
bn pisces: or somthing
AlekTraunk: yeah....    i'll prolly be up    but i got shit to do tonight so.......    hurm
AlekTraunk: ok
bn pisces: well no biggie if you arent there then Ill just climv the wall or somthng
AlekTraunk: heh.....    like to see ya try
AlekTraunk: you get off at 8 right?
bn pisces: oh I could do it
over next to the ktichen window all those bricks
just like a freaking ladder
bn pisces: yeah maybe a litle earlier
AlekTraunk: yeah like a ladder    but could you get the window open?
bn pisces: sure if it was unlocked
bn pisces: Ill show ya sometime
bn pisces: when your there and it doesnt look like Im breaking into the palce
AlekTraunk: hmmmm    i guess the ledge is wide enough to get some leverage
bn pisces: sure it is
Ill show ya sometme
AlekTraunk: kewl
AlekTraunk: should be good for a laugh
AlekTraunk: read SiD today?
bn pisces: yeah it would be funn
nopenot ye
AlekTraunk: oh    well i wrote some jank in there
AlekTraunk: i'm fuked
bn pisces: your fucked?
AlekTraunk: i wanted to go see Bryan Zentz (Barada) play tonight but i got an interview at 11:30 tomorrow, i need a haircut, and all my cloths are dirty
bn pisces: oh
that sux
AlekTraunk: i mean i could prolly do all that stuff today    but tomorrow
AlekTraunk: that would suck
AlekTraunk: and tomorrow CAN NOT suck
AlekTraunk: nature.... brb

AlekTraunk: damn it    some fucker pissed all over the seat and the seat in the other stall is stained from chaw, i fukin love workin with redneck farm boys
AlekTraunk: hey.... you there?
AlekTraunk: i am about to leave
AlekTraunk: you are prolly in a shift meeting
AlekTraunk: or suckin a cock
AlekTraunk: heh
AlekTraunk: you tart
bn pisces: Im suck cock babyt
AlekTraunk: babyt?
AlekTraunk: is that my new gang name?
bn pisces: my finger slipped damnit
bn pisces: yeah babyt
bn pisces: BABY TEA
AlekTraunk: heeeeee's back
bn pisces: yay
AlekTraunk: and he is still a weirdo!
bn pisces: yay
Im reading it now
AlekTraunk: same here
bn pisces: werd
AlekTraunk: lots of 'em
bn pisces: count them
AlekTraunk: now way fart knocker
bn pisces: now?
AlekTraunk: oh
bn pisces: hey which would you rather have 40 bux or own half of a color quick cam?
AlekTraunk: heh :)
AlekTraunk: um
AlekTraunk: 40 bux
bn pisces: thats cool
just wondering
AlekTraunk: i'd own one already if i wanted one
bn pisces: right on
AlekTraunk: left off
bn pisces: can I leave
I dont wnat to be here anymore
AlekTraunk: actually the funny thing is i could have left 30 mins ago
bn pisces: well get the fuck out and go do your laundry or somthng
AlekTraunk: i'm reading    faggit
AlekTraunk: ok...   i read that.....   now i'm outa here
bn pisces: loh
do you haev a scsi card?
AlekTraunk: for what
bn pisces: Im just wondering
AlekTraunk: um    why?
bn pisces: umm curiosity
AlekTraunk: ?????    yeah    sure......    i don't trust ppl thaat ask shit like that....    to answer though    yes i do, a hlf card for the scanner, can't put anything else on it though
AlekTraunk: fudge    sorry about the typos
AlekTraunk: hey man i'm gonna motor
AlekTraunk: ok you take it easy to
bn pisces: see ya
I was wonderin cuz Im thikning of buying a quick cam
bn pisces: ok Ill see ya later
bn pisces: but it wont work
bn pisces: so never mind
AlekTraunk: nope    it won't
bn pisces: I want one I can plug intoa mac and a PC
AlekTraunk: vain boi
bn pisces: so never mind
: )
AlekTraunk: see you tonight
bn pisces: thats me
its not vanity its self love
bn pisces: ; )