Knock knock
Wakey wakey
Do you consider yourself mature?
Are you an experienced elder
Knowledgeable in the ways of the world
Old and tired
Exhausted from a hard days work
Bitter that your offspring don't seem to give a damn

Well my friend, my enemy. My nemesis
I'm sure you are all perched up on your mountain ready to tell me how it is
That I have to buckle under
Get a job like you
Health insurance, and a retirement plan

You dumb shit
You're so busy preaching you don't even see the 9mm we have leveled at your head
Why don't we just pull the trigger and get it over with?
'Cus were not done with you yet
You still have some things we want to steal
A few rules we want to break
And what's the point of breaking your rules if you are not around to see it

We drive our cars too fast
Play our music too loud
Expose ourselves for a thousand unseen eyes to view
You scoff and throw down words of disrespect
But that's fine
Not your praise we are after

What's your answer
Your explanation?
"Those kids think they are indestructible"
Pops you've got a great deal to learn

That's such a silly notion
We have aids and heroin to keep us pretty focused on that
A few guns thrown in the mix as well
We can thank you for those, keep 'em protected as long as you can
That way it will be easy for us to off you

We are too smart for your labels
Too smart to know that we have no value
Too many mouths in the world
You're too busy trying to keep food on your own plate to watch us
At first that hurt
Real bad
But we learned
Now we watch our own backs
We do what we want
What we can
Because we are disposable