You walk through the opening in the large iron fence.  Entering into what could easily be an abandoned cemetery.  A vast flat space that seems to create it's own fog.  Protruding from this landscape is a large brown tent.  Something like you would see in a circus, only lacking the vibrant colors.  You assume that this must be where you are expected to go. 

 As you approach you notice some movement.  Slow and jerky a figure is soon definable.  The two of you moving closer together you start to make out the scraggly face of an old man.  Patchy gray whiskers frame the grin on his wrinkled face.  You are a bit hesitant.  This vagrant like man wears a robe made of the same burlap type material as the tent.  And under it his whole body is wrapped in soiled bandages.  Perhaps he had been subjected to some form of pre-death mummification. 

"I am glad you have arrived, the captain has been waiting" A raspy voices creeps from his lips.  "Follow me... we must go inside now

 The great captain should have a guide more spectacular than this creature you think to yourself.  Regardless he appears to be your ticket in so you follow.  The old man pushes back a loose flap on the tent and ushers you past.  You find yourself standing at the entrance to a maze of fabric walls.  Passages leading off in every direction.  Several feet above your head torches burn to light your way, the rank stench of their oil burns your nose. 

"First things first.  All who enter must leave record of their presence"  He points to a yellowed book  "Leave a phrase or two to identify your business"  You walk over and jot a few things down in the guestbook.

"Yes, yes, come along, so many sights for you to see, yes, come now

 Skeletal fingers wrap around your hand and lead you down a path.  The walls are not bear, instead they are sparsely covered with artifacts from the past: art, weapons, & various mounted documents.  Your guide pauses before one.  A poster with imagery of ancient times.  Written in script on it are five names:

Apollo Pan
Bacchus Dagodevas
Freyia Arianrhod
Hera Aine
Calliope Hnoss

"These are the voices of five" He makes a noise akin to the union of a growl and a sigh.
"A great many things has the captain seen in his adventures, in war, in love, in all that can be found between heaven and hell, and maybe a bit of those too" He pauses to cough "The voices, they linger about as the personification of long forgotten deities to advise him in his actions.  Gander not too long, we must keep moving"

 Again the frail hand whisks you off.

 Around another corner you see a glass orb sitting on a table.  Something is floating inside it.  You find yourself captivated.  As you move closer you see that the floating object is a single grain of sand.  A voice whispers a tale inside your head.
"Come, you may not be ready for that." the old man's voice startles you.  He urges you down another hallway.

 He grabs something from the wall and hands it to you.
"The captain has known his share of angst." His face seems almost distressed by revealing this to you.  "You should be aware."  After giving you a moment to observe what he handed you he snatches it back.
"Follow me, this way..."

 He leads you to a rusted car door propped up in a corner.  Words have been scratched in it's paint.
"We can learn much from our journeys."

To be continued...