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Silicon Dominion V

About - If you want to know what I am doing with this site follow this link for an explanation.

Thinkspace - Each day I enter a few thoughts on what is happening in my life.  If you know me then there is a good chance I will write about you here.  This journal will give you, and more importantly me, a bit of insight into what makes me who I am.

Your Words - This guestbook is your place to say what's on your mind.  Comments on this site are greatly appreciated.  Comments on your life are valued even more.

My Words - As time permits I like to write more than just my daily journal.  This is my space to explore in-depth my thoughts on the world.  It also serves as an exhibit space for my creative urges.

Links - This world wide web has given birth to many other web sites that I value as great inspirations or resources.  These are just a few of them. 

Past Issues - I "publish" Silicon Dominion in an erratic magazine format with different issues each with their own content and style.  Each issue is completely unique from the others.  If you take a look at them you can follow my evolution as a person, an artist, and a web designer.

ICQ - This great tool keeps me in touch with all of my online friends.  Whenever I am online, which happens to be the majority of each day, you can find me here.

Email - Forget telephones, forget mail, forget faxes.  If you want to reach me, this is the way to do it.  If you don't know me and just email me to say hello I promise I'll mention you in the thinkspace.

Portfolio - Art is what I do.  This portfolio is a collection of images not found in the pages of Silicon Dominion.  The Freeform - Comulsan series being my personal favorites.  Be sure to click the little images to see the full piece.

Resume - I always have my eyes open for a good opportunity, if you have one please follow this link!

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-Alek Traunic